Saturday, 10 January 2015

Bill Gates Raises A Glass Of Water That Used To Be Poop

Bill Gates takes a sip of water that came out of the new Janicki Omniprocessor, which turns human waste into clean drinking water in minutes.

In places where fresh water is hard to come by, how do you come up with clean drinking water?

Easy — get the water from poop.

Bill Gates Drinks Poo
What Happened: Really, we’re not sure what that headline leaves to the imagination. Oh, alright: In his secret identity as billionaire philanthropist, the Microsoft founder visited a factory that burns human waste to produce water and electricity and he sampled the output.
Where It Blew Up: Blogs, media think pieces
What Really Happened: Gates wrote about his visit to the Omniprocessor, a facility that turns crap into … well, not gold, but something better: water and electricity, which is more useful in certain parts of the world. As part of the blog post, he included a video that saw him sampling the water produced by the processor (see above).
The Takeaway: Our love for seeing celebrities do disgusting things—even if, as in this case, it’s not actually disgusting at all—is strong. Nonetheless, if this is what it takes to draw attention to worthy causes, then we should at least be glad that it’s not as obnoxious as the Ice Bucket Challenge became. Hey, maybe we can get morecelebrities necking down feces in the name of positivity!

Sources : npr , wired


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